A Few Facebook Comments!

  • “Ena is an inspirational woman with an amazing life story. Her love for animals is next to none and her years of hard work in the community are appreciated by all!” – Julia M.

  • “Ena is, in short, the real deal. The caring and compassion she shows for her feline charges is without measure. There is nothing she wouldn’t do, and the ” extra mile” is the norm for Ena. She seems tireless. Our “Eddie” is a rescue from Ena, and he is a joy in our lives.” – Ellie G.

  • “Ena is the type of person who makes you want to be a better person, She is selfless, loving and caring. My husband and I both love all animals but cats in particular. We recently adopted Charlie who had a badly broken leg, if it weren`t for Ena I hate to think where this loving sweet kitty would of ended up. She deserves recognition for all that she has done and continues to do. Thank you Ena for the joy and caring that you have brought this community.” – Sharon W

  • Ena is amazing. The dedication and love this woman exudes is extraordinary – Elisa S.